If you own a large bird, you know that cutting its nails is a pain, but it must be done.

As an owner of exotic birds for the last 25 years, I can tell you, cutting a bird's nails is no easy task. It requires two people and an sometimes unorthodox tools, in this case, a dremel tool.

My bird, a Goffin cockatoo, 'Clyder' does not react very well to nail clippers, so I might have to try this method, next time.

Clyder (Mark Charvat's Goffin Cockatoo/ Mark Charvat Townsquaremedia

Naturally, the bird gets nervous, so one person has to wrap the bird in a towel, and turn the bird upside down on his back, while the second person files down the birds nails using a dremel and a sanding bit.

Check out how our friends at Animal Medical Clinics of Rockford handle cutting Fred's nails. Fred is an African Grey Parrot




Look at how well behaved Fred was! Way to go.