A Polish horse farmer recently opened up his barn to discover that one of his horses had escaped from her fencing, wandered into his barn, and had fallen through a hole in the barn floor that had been used to work on cars from underneath. The problem was that the horse's body fit perfectly into the hole, leaving little or no room for her to maneuver, and offering no possibility of escape.

He tried filling the hole with hay, hoping that the horse could use the piled up hay to step up on and get out of the hole. It didn't work.

Next, he called the local fire department. They tried to run hoses under the horse to lift her out. After multiple attempts, they couldn't lift her out, and the horse was so exhausted from her efforts that she had to sit down.

The farmer, fearing the worst, laid down on the floor next to the horse, and began petting her to keep her spirits up. Worried that she wouldn't survive the trauma of her predicament, he kept repeating "Please don't die, please don't die" to her.

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