Fascination With Abandon Businesses

I am not actually sure why but many people are fascinated with closed businesses. They want to see on the inside. I know I am too. Maybe, it is the nostalgia factor. Any videos posted on the internet blow up.

Former White Castle Fast-Food Restaurant

This video of an abandoned business caught my attention. it is a former White Castle fast-food restaurant in DeKalb, Illinois.

Check it out for yourself...

Video: Abandoned White Castle. DeKalb IL

Questions About This Closing

I do have some questions about this whole situation.

First of all, I am in shock that a White Castle went out of business. The late-night drive-thru traffic should keep them going because it is usually huge.

It is in a college town, so I would think the broke and drunk students would be regulars.

The building looks in really good shape. Especially, since it has been shut down for several years.

I am surprised someone else has not taken over the building yet. It seems like a good location.

Rockford Is Jealous

Rockford has been trying to get their own White Castle fast-food restaurant for years. No one could make it happened.

I heard rumors that there was a possibility of one opening near the former Clock Tower Resort location a few years ago. Of course, that did not happen.

Now, when fans of the burger place in the Forest City are going to be upset because DeKalb had one and blew it. I think it would do well in Rockford.

Are you a fan of White Castle?

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