Down in Livingston, Tex., one family got some bad news, good news, and bad news.

According to KHOU-TV, Shane Peters' silver 2004 Dodge Durango broke down along the side of the road in June. Unable to pay for a tow, Peters left the vehicle where it was until he could afford to move it. However, in the first bit of bad news, a thief beat him to it. KHOU picks up the story from there:

The good news? Well, other family members spotted their car with some familiar dents on the driver's side leaving a gas station. After police helped them recover the Durango, Peters found out the thief had fixed the SUV's drive shaft and installed three new wheels -- the reasons why the car was on the side of the road.

Unfortunately (more bad news), the thief did some damage to the steering column in the course of stealing the SUV. All in all, though, at least they got the car back.