Hope you saved your growlers because it's time to get them filled again.

Carlyle announced on Facebook that they would be reopening to the public starting on Wednesday, Feb.2nd.

The last post before this week on the Carlyle Facebook page was this one, celebrating their last staff party.

The pandemic had seemingly claimed another victim. Carlyle was a depressing one to lose.

They had been a downtown fixture for years. It was locally owned, it seemed to have a very faithful following. And they brewed some pretty great beer as well.

As the building remained empty, speculations were running rampant about what was going to be done with the property. Numbers were thrown around about various bids being placed to buy the property whole, with the brewing equipment included.

It just seemed to be too great of a spot to remain vacant.

Well it was.

Carlyle posted this cryptic post early Tuesday:

And then clarified what they meant with another one a few hours later.

It looks like Carlyle will officially be re-opened starting this Wednesday, Jan 2nd at 4PM!

It also looks like this is a permanent re-opening since they have updated all their information on their Facebook page. The info section now reads:

A Rockford Original founded in 2003 by Don Carlyle, Owner & Brewmaster. 12 artfully crafted beers on tap... 4 on all the time and others are seasonals.

Many were asking in the Facebook comments and yes, their vanilla cream ale will return. According to their Facebook page, these are the beers they will open with.

  • The "OG" Vanilla Cream Ale
  • Stout
  • Stanilla
  • Vienna Amber Lager
  • Humulus Lupulus IPA
  • NotSo Hazy IPA

They say that limited snacks will be available and their delicious pizza will only be available for take and bake, for now.

Welcome back Carlyle, you've been missed.

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