Remember when Rockford had an air show? As a kid, I never went to it. I grew up under the path of the planes so it wasn't a big deal. As an adult, I loved it.

Was it because I could close to some of the planes? Maybe. Was it because I oftentimes had media credentials? It's possible. Was it because there were beer sales? Highly likely.

In all seriousness, I enjoyed the people watching. I enjoyed watching young and old get excited while they marveled at some of the planes on display at Chicago Rockford International Airport. But, like other events in Rockford, Airfest eventually went away.

Blue Angels at Rockford AirFest
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In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, US Navy Blue Angels made a few appearances as a 'Thank You' to first responders for their hard work and sacrifices.

Blue Angels Flight Path & Times Announced For Chicago
Blue Angels via Twitter

This past week, the fleet performed at Chicago Air and Water Show 2021, creating awe for on-lookers with their spectacular flyover.


Some civilians are lucky enough to fly with US Navy Blue angels as "celebrity' co-captain, be it professional athletes, celebrities, or members of the media. I've never been this lucky but would accept the offer immediately if it ever presented itself.

If you are wondering what it would be like from the pilot's perspective, the Blue Angels shared an epic video capturing the flyover in Chicago this past weekend.

The team performed a double farvel maneuver which, according to the US Department of Defense, is a diamond formation with twof the air craft inverted. 

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