The next few classes admitted to the University of Illinois won't have to have the pleasure of cramming for a standardized test. 

What do you remember about the ACTs? I honestly don't remember too much. I'm pretty sure we practiced analogies at some point during our Junior year. I don't remember practicing for the reading section at all. I guess they figured I could read and that was good enough.

I do remember taking it twice. Once was at Rock Valley, I think and the other was at Boylan. I don't remember actually taking it or even going to it. The entire process is basically a voided memory in my brain.

What do you think you would score if you took it again today? I'm pretty sure I'm breaking 23 on the ACT but I'm not sure. I'd have to go revisit some trig functions and basic physics concepts. If you get the formulas for the science portion, I might be able to break 25.

This is a thought that the next batch of incoming freshmen down in Champaign might not be able to have 20 years after they graduate in the year 2040.

MyStateline - The Executive Committee for the University of Illinois System Board of Trustees approved a request to allow high school students to skip the tests, made in response to pandemic-driven restrictions on large gatherings that limit students ability to take the SAT and ACT tests.

This policy extends to two other University of Illinois campuses in both Chicago and Springfield. Many students will still be taking the ACT and SATs (or maybe it's just the SATs now, I've heard things have changed) because other universities around the state and country will still require them for admissions.

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