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Ride sharing giants Uber and Lyft have said they will leave Chicago if the city passes a local ordinance. 

The ordinance would require drivers for a ride sharing service obtain a chauffeur's license and undergo the same background check as a city taxi driver. The city is expected to vote on the ordinance later this week.

This isn't necessarily a bluff as both companies pulled out of Austin Texas earlier this year after the city passed a similar law. Because most drivers work fewer than 10 hours a week they feel a significant portion of their workforce will feel going through the background checks and obtaining a special license will not be worth it and they will not be able to survive in the city.

I really hope this does not happen. After working in the city for 4 years I used the ride share apps many times and never had a problem with them.  It has always been a better experience than any cab ride.  I understand why taxi companies are pushing for this legislation but they should change their business model to reflect the changing times instead of getting the government to change laws in their favor.