Don't text and drive. Don't drink and drive. Don't "Pokemon Go" and drive? Is there nothing else to do in Wisconsin? I know there are some great restaurants and fun places to hit. Also why are these dudes playing Pokemon in the early morning hours?

Two Wisconsin were involved in separate crashed within a few hours of each other up in Wisconsin, while playing Pokemon while driving. These crashes are totally separate, but how similar they are is pretty crazy. SG

Don't 'Pokemon Go' Around Police Station

Let's start here, both men...Benjamin Schappe and Jordan Speigle were both DRUNK and playing Pokeman Go while driving. One crashed at 2:35am and another at 6:35am.

One guy crashed into a pole and the other a tree. Not sure if either guy "caught" the Pokemon, is that how it works?? Both nerds were arrested for DUI and the pole crasher was taken to the hospital for "non-life threatening issues."

Pokemon Go Craze Hits New York City
Michael Loccisano, Getty Images

Don't people usually walk around parks and stores to play this game? Both of these crashes took place in Verona, Wisconsin (near Madison) so this might be a Pokemon hot spot area? I talk about this as if I know what I'm talking about. Drinking and playing the Pokemon AND driving? Fellas, let me tell you about this interesting thing it's called GIRLS.

Pokemon Go
Sherri Ruston via Facebook

The Jordan Speigle fella, his car even CAUGHT FIRE! Man when this guy plays Pokeman Go while loaded, he doesn't mess around!


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