Wisconsin should be known for more than just cheese after this report.

OK fine, Green Bay. Home of the Packers and Aaron Rodgers. Wait, does Rodgers actually live in Wisconsin during the offseason?

If he doesn't already, maybe Rodgers should think about it. After all, Green Bay was named the 21st best place to live in all of America according to US News & World Report:

Green Bay scores highest for its low cost of living compared to the area’s median household income. Green Bay residents spend just 19.83% of the median household income on rent or mortgage payments, along with additional costs including taxes and utilities.

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Considering Green Bay is three hours away from Rockford it might not be the best place to move if you already have family living in the Forest City.

On the other hand, it's far enough away where you can't always make it home for every little event or happening.

I guess it just depends on how badly you want to get out of town.

The other place is actually quite close to Rockford and has a totally different feel from Green Bay.

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While it has the same rabid sports fan base, Madison isn't Green Bay.

However, Madison, like Green Bay, is also on the list as one of the best places to live in America.

Checking in at 16th overall, US News & World Report touts jobs as one of the biggest reasons Madison is rated so highly.

While many other metro areas struggled with unemployment rates above 7% in 2020, Madison’s was comparatively low at 4.95%.

jonah brown via Unsplash
jonah brown via Unsplash

That's a commute you can handle if you work in Rockford but are looking to relocate to Wisconsin.

If you had to choose between Madison and Green Bay which of the two cities would you call home?

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