With infection rates soaring, two more establishments in town were told to temporarily shut their doors.

MyStateline.com - Dr. Martell announced the closure order for two more establishments: Latham Tap West Bar and Grill and Golden Corral in Rockford.

The story is referring to the press conference Winnebago County Health Director Sandra Martell held the other day when she addressed the rising infection numbers.

It's been three weeks since mitigation efforts were put back in place on September 28th, when the rolling infection rate hit 8%. We were told then that if the rate was still that high or higher after 2 weeks that further mitigation efforts would be implemented. It currently sits at 12.3%.

It should be noted that no new deaths have been reported and hospital capacity has been stabilized.

No reports have been made on why these two establishments in particular were asked to shut down. Many restaurants and bars in the area have continued to serve patrons indoors in defiance of the mitigation requests when it was found out that they would not be enforced.

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