"Oh Really..."


That was the actual response that the REAL Chicago Police Officer gave the two "fake cops" that pulled him over. HuffPost

Just after midnight a Chicago cop was heading home after what I would bet, was a long and grueling shift. The officer was in the Chicago’s Avondale neighborhood, when an unmarked white SUV that looked very similar to a police issued vehicle turned on it's lights and pulled the Chicago officer over.


As the fake cops approached the car, they identified themselves as Chicago Police. No guns, no radios, no clue...the real Chicago Officer responded with a sarcastic:
                                                           "Oh Really..."

The fakers quickly returned to their unmarked vehicle and floored it! Sounds like a scene out of a Bruce Willis movie or something!

20th Century Fox

The real officer gave chase for a while, but eventually them dang Duke Boys outran the real officer. The description of the fake cops: two Hispanic men in their 20's, five foot seven, 175lbs.


First off, that takes some stones to try and pull that off. They BOTH had to enjoyed a giant cup of stupid before attempting that. Then the smart guys got handed a huge dose of karma by pulling over a REAL CHICAGO COP! I think the real cop deserves a pat of the back for not losing his sh*t at that moment and going nuts! Dude just got done serving and protecting, and gets pulled over by fake cops? Yikes.

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Say cheese, Illinois!