We're breaking all the rules bringing you this blog. 

So let me take you behind the curtain here at Townsquare Media for a second.

Our overlords, I mean bosses, want us to write 10 blogs a week, 2 every day. We can write about whatever we want, they just want there to be a "local" angle to it.

Well folks, I'm breaking the "local" rule today because I saw this video over the weekend and I knew I had to bring it to the masses. I'll deal with the fallout later. Hopefully, I'll get something less than 30 lashes.

This is all about opening a can using a manual can opener. For the sake of this blog let's assume that you bought the can of food somewhere in Rockford, that will make this a local blog.

Now maybe you already do this. Good for you. My question is why haven't you shared this information with the rest of us? It could have really saved some aggravation (and fingers) along the way.

If you're like me you opened a can with the opener perpendicular to the table. If you were fancy, you'd go about 98% around the top and then maybe peel it back with a knife. If you messed up, you went all the way around and then the lid fell in and it was like a game of Operation! trying to get it out.

Well, the internet is here to let you know that you've been doing it wrong your whole life. Take a look at how the guy in the above video does it.

You start with the opener parallel to the table and then start to twist. Not only does this create a smooth edge but the lid comes off with the opener. Genius!

Alright, I'll go back to writing local blogs. I hope you appreciate any sacrifices that I had to make.

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