This historical covered bridge in Illinois recently suffered severe damage after a truck crashed into it.

NBC Chicago shares that the covered bridge in Long Grove Illinois that straddles Buffalo creek was damaged by a truck who tried crossing it Wednesday "despite warning signs that forbid large trucks and buses."

A "witness reported a Chicago truck driver failed to stop before attempting to cross the bridge." The driver was cited and thankfully there were no injuries accept those that the bridge received.

To see the damage click here.

The ironic part of this story is that it hasn't even been two weeks (June 11th) since the old bridge, that dates back to the 1900's, was placed on the National Register for Historical Places, only to have this happen.

Previously, "village officials had debated whether to maintain the bridge over Buffalo Creek or replace it with a larger structure." Now it's been damaged. Figures.

According to the Daily Herald, "Long Grove Village President Bill Jacob said that the extent of the damage to the bridge is unknown, but he expects estimates to be given within the next few days."

On July 12th there was to be a ceremony to "commemorate the bridge's addition to the National Register of Historic Places. [Village President] Jacob was unsure whether the event would be canceled in light of the crash damage."

I wonder if there will be a GoFundMe page set up to help with repairs just as there was a page set up to save the bridge just about a year ago?

I hope the village can repair this part of our nations history.






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