Welcome to Cresco. Cresco Labs' cultivation facility in Lincoln, Illinois is the largest in the state of Illinois. How large you ask? It's so big, that in the description on the place they actually REFUSE to tell you how big it is. It's kinda like KFC and the eleven herbs and spices thing...You love it, but we aren't telling you a thing! The size of the grow rooms (that we can tell you is over 100,000 square feet) the number of the grow rooms...maybe 20 plus? This whole thing is a giant GREEN mystery.


Lincoln, Illinois is a small town. This 13,000 person town is home to one of Cresco's locations in Illinois, but it is the biggest and the biggest in the country!


This video tour is something to behold...So proper, so professional, so OMG THAT'S A LOT OF WEED! They run a first and second shift in this small Illinois town, and Cresco is a major reason that Lincoln, Illinois is a thriving town.


How damn big is this marijuana grow? Many many hallways, 20 grow rooms, 18 flowering rooms, they harvest twice a week, and the two shifts...they harvest, and trim. That's all they do. Holy SMOKES.


While many places do indoor grows only, the Lincoln, Illinois Cresco has outdoor greenhouses as well. Wow!

Dry rooms, walk in freezers, manufacturing rooms, this is legal pot in Illinois at it's ABSOLUTE BIGGEST. Enjoy the video:


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