Today is the first day of Spring, also known as the Spring Equinox. There's been some confusion on what that means. 

Common thought is that you have equal amounts of night and day on the spring and vernal equinox. This is true in theory but in practice we actually see the sun's light before it actually "rises" so we actually have more day than night on the equinoxes.

What I thought was true about the spring equinox that turns out to be totally false was that the calendar is tidily divided into four equal parts by the spring and vernal equinox and the winter and summer solstice. That turns out to be pretty false. It has to do with ellipses and gravity. The above video does a much better job of describing it.

This quick 2 minute video is a great resource to arm yourself with knowledge to spread on the first day of spring. Just try not to sound like a know-it-all when you correct someone today.

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