If you love cats and you love the circus, I've got the perfect job for you.

The circus cats, better knows as, "The Amazing Acro-cats and Rock cats," are on tour and stopping in Chicago this October. They're looking for a tour assistant while they're in the area.

This isn't a normal tour assistant who gets coffee and makes phones calls, I'm pretty certain this assistant has to actually take care of the cats.

According to the Craigslist post for the tour assistant, the primary duties include:

*Stage and show responsibilities fur performances entails cat wrangling, moving props, and supporting role for the master trainer and senior stage assistant.
*Merchandise sales and front of house operation before and after the performances.
*Animal care - Daily, weekly and monthly cat care duties -- including a chicken and groundhog! Animal welfare duties like medications and enrichment.
*Coordinate volunteers for all performances including load in and load out.
*Ability to drive a 45 foot tour bus a plus!

Unfortunately, I'm super allergic to cats so I can't apply for this job, but if you're a cat lover, you totally should. Also please call us so we can ask you about the interview process.