We turn back the clock this weekend. Here's a little help with losing that precious hour.

It happens twice a year. No one is ever really sure why. It's annoying and should be stopped as soon as possible. It's Daylight Saving time.

It was introduced full time in the U.S. in 1942 and has aggravated people ever since. The fact that certain counties and states don't adhere to it makes some places an hour ahead or behind their neighbors for half the year and then back with them the other half. It makes no sense and I (as you can probably tell) hate it.

This time of year is alright. Yes, you lose an hour of sleep one night but the sun being up later more than makes up for it. The real kick in the seat is at the end of fall when you move the clocks back an hour. Sunlight was already vanishing at a rapid pace and then all of a sudden the sun sets at 4:45 instead of 5:45 and full on depression sets in. It sucks.

So you're going to lose an hour of sleep this weekend. ABC News has put together a list of things that will make it easier for you to transition to this new world of later sunsets and one of the first signs of Spring.

1) Eat Dinner Early

This makes sense, in theory. The problem is that the time I eat dinner on a Saturday varies wildly. I have no routine on the weekend to adjust. I guess I'll just order a pizza at 4:30 Saturday afternoon to be safe.

2) Use a Light Box to Ease Into the Day

Full disclosure: I already use something like this. It's called the Philips Wake-Up Light and it's awesome! Now my alarm already goes off at 3:40 every morning so this makes sense for me. Also if you regularly wake up before the sun rises this "tip" won't make much of a difference. If you don't regularly wake up before the sun rises then I don't feel bad for you for being a little sluggish one Sunday a year.

Moral of this story. Should you buy a 60 dollar alarm clock to help you adjust to one day of less sleep? No. Should you buy one of these if you usually get up early? Yes! (This is not an ad)

3) Take an Afternoon Nap

Take a Sunday afternoon nap? That's just what you should do on Sunday. It's a little more difficult now that I don't have a Bears game to sleep through every Sunday but I'm sure I can find time. I fully endorse this tip but I also fully endorse taking a nap every Sunday.

4) Avoid Screens Before Bedtime

This is some earth shattering stuff right here. We've been getting yelled at for looking at our phones at night for more than a decade. This doesn't change for daylight savings. I will however, in the name of science, try this Saturday night and see if it does anything. I'm guessing no but only "time" will tell (see what I did there.)

All in all this list is pretty dumb and exists only so someone will click it and generate some ad dollars. But if we boil it down isn't that what the entire Internet is about? If you've made it this far in my own dumb list thanks for hanging around.

We move the clocks back November 6th. See you then!

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