Wisconsin - you never fail to impress me.

Have you ever heard of "tanking". I sure haven't. Here's the thing - it happens on water, yeah, now I'm even more confused. Time to ask the internet ...

Spoiler alert ... if you don't know what tanking is, this is about to blow your mind.

Okay, let's talk about tanking. What exactly is going on here?

OIS details -

Well, instead of floating down the river in a tube, you’ll float down the river in a 500-gallon stock tank – hence the name. Great for groups, each tank has a four-person minimum and six-person maximum. And since the tanks are much more stable than canoes and kayaks, tipping over is far less likely.

Unlike tubing, tanking doesn’t require you to get in the water. And because tank passengers aren't submerged in the river, the tanking season is longer than the tubing season. The tanking season runs from April 16 – October 3.

And it's not going to break the bank either!

It's $25 for adults and $15 for riders 12 and under. This isn't exactly a solo activity. I actually think that'd be physically impossible. The minimum is 4 riders and maximum is 6 riders for each tank.

I mean, how fun does this look?

River's Edge Apple River Campground added tanking to their tubing fun in 2019.

It's located in Richmond, WI. which is definitely a little bit of a drive. But it's the perfect activity to have on deck for a fun Summer road trip up to Wisconsin. You can check out dates and get all set to go tanking this summer right here.


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