More than 180,000 smoke alarms are on the recall list. 

WHNT - The battery-powered smoke alarms can have a misaligned internal switch causing the alarms to not activate properly, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The smoke alarms are white in color and 5½  inches in diameter.

The brand is Universal Security Instruments and the diagram to find labeling information can be found in the above photo.

The model numbers involved are MI3050S and MI3050SB with dates between 2015JAN19 and 2016JUL11.

If your alarm meets those requirements you should then test it by pressing the "TEST" button. If the alarm makes a beep, you are fine.

If no sound happens you should contact Universal Security immediately. You can call them at 877-612-6955 or you can do it on their website at

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