Are you guys ready to ROCK...About Rockford!?!

This town has produced some amazing musicians, and music acts that have made it to the "big time" and more! We have a Rock n Roll Hall of Fame artist, singers and songwriters that have been featured in major motion pictures, and Grammy winners! That is some pretty awesome stuff right there. These are the best of the best.

But let's get into the love of the city (or something) with SONGS ABOUT ROCKFORD.

These are, well, interesting. I will say right off the bat that these come with a NSFW warning...Language people, sheesh! Seriously, these are terrible. But you wanted songs about Rockford, you go. You've been warned.

These are Three Songs About Rockford, Illinois - WARNING, These Are Terrible

#1 This is Sock Monkey Dreams Presents: THE I LIKE ROCKFORD SONG.

Join Gerry, Happy George, and Baby Jane as they sing this ode to Rockford, IL. - birthplace of Nelson Knitting, creators of the original Red Heel Rockford Work Sock and home to the annual Sock Monkey Madness Festival.


#2 God Bless the Chick-Fil-A, by Willard Hunter

Lyrics inspired by the recent opening of Chick-Fil-A's new Rockford location where locals camped out overnight in subzero temperature for the possibility of winning a years worth of fried chicken.



#3 Flex Bentley - Rockford (Royals Parody)

Parody to Lorde's "Royals". Recorded on 1/27/14. I hope you enjoy it and laughed. If you are angered about the song and video, you'll get over it! Thanks and subscribe! (Wish I thought of putting something about Rockford Mugshots in here. Oh well)



I told you! I do hope you had a good laugh though, hopefully all of these "musicians" laughed while recording.

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