Silent dance party anyone? But seriously, Rockford should absolutely host a silent disco. I have three reasons for you right now.

When I was in college, my mom and I would go on yearly August weekend trips. We went to New York, to Savannah, to Nashville, back to New York and then, things got busy and we stopped going.

This summer we decided to bring back the tradition and we went on a mini cruise to the Bahamas.

Legit mini... it was three days.

But that was enough to experience ship life and the fun that happens after dinner!

One night we went to a silent disco on the deck and although I'd heard of one before on TV and in movies, I'd never actually been to one.

Each attendee got a (sanitized) pair of headphones that could pick up three different channels of music, a red channel, a blue channel and a green channel. The outside of the headphones change color when you change channels so you can tell which dance party members are listening to the same song as you.

Different songs play on each channel and you go for it and have a dance party!

It's actually really fun, especially when you take the headphones off for a second and realize there's no music playing out loud, just in the headphones.

So what are the three reasons I think Rockford should have a party like this?

1) It's incredibly easy to appeal to a ton of age groups. Our cruise silent disco had a Spanish channel, an 80s channel and a current pop channel, something for everyone!

2) You can control the volume of your dance party. This is doubly awesome if you're being mindful of those who might have more sensitive hearing than others, or maybe the opposite and you like the music as loud as possible.

3) Your dance moves are silly no matter what, even if you're an amazing dancer or a terrible one. Every one is listening to different music, you will totally feel less pressure to be a great dancer.

Bonus reason... if you take the headphones off you can have an actual conversation with someone without screaming.

I'm telling you, we need to do this!

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