After two weeks of some repeats in the drive-in schedule, there are some new offerings this week. 

We still have a few more weeks until, what I consider might be the best drive-in movie of the summer, Fast and Furious 9 is released. I've only seen about 3 and a half of the fast and furious movies, but I don't think I'll need help catching up with this plot. I'm not a huge fan of seeing brand new movies at a drive-in because sometimes you miss a bit of dialogue, but I'm not concerned about missing a few words of this:

Till then, there are some nice offerings out there. Let's start with...

SkyVu Drive-in - Monroe, Wi

SkyVu is starting with another new movie that I'd see at the drive-in if it wasn't so scary, A Quiet Place 2. There really isn't any dialogue, but if I'm not watching a scary movie at home, I'm not watching it in the middle of a field at night.

After that it's Top Gun, a movie that would be incredible at the drive-in, for this scene alone:

Midway Drive-In - Sterling, Il

I love the Midway Drive-in, but you will not find me there this weekend. Way too scary. First up is The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It. I don't know what it's about. I barely wanted to search for this trailer on YouTube. Hard pass.

While you're terrified in the middle of a field, you might as well stay for Poltergeist which is somehow rated PG. The 80s were wild.

McHenry Drive-In - McHenry, IL

Now, this could be fun. It's a cheesy musical night in McHenry in what I can only see evolving into a crowd-wise sing-a-long. First up is Grease. Not my favorite musical at all but the songs are undeniably catchy, they'll be ear worms for the whole weekend.

After that is Mama Mia! This is a fun movie and a lot better than Grease in my humble opinion. Plus, it's all ABBA songs and the setting is gorgeous. An outstanding drive-in choice.

Rt. 34 Drive-In - Mendota, IL

Rt. 34 jumps into the scary movie scene with the 70s classic Jaws. If I have to see a scary movie in a field, I guess Jaws is a good choice, not a lot of ocean around and well-lit scenes.

After that, you get Chris Pratt in Jurassic World. A pretty bad movie, that would be fun to watch outside.

Highway 18 Drive-In - Jefferson, WI

They are doing the same A Quiet Place 2/Top Gun double feature that is showing in Monroe, Wi.

The weather should be perfect again this weekend. Come back next week to find out where to catch Fast 9 when it's announced.

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