Seeing a dog in a bar in Wisconsin is not as unusual as one would think, but having a bar created specifically for dogs, well, that's unique!

Say Hello to The Boneyard in Madison, Wisconsin

The other day I was talking to a friend who recently spent a weekend in the Madison area, and they were raving about this cool new dog park they went to that served beer, and I was like, "wait, what?"

I did a little internet stalking and discovered this magical dog park is actually called The Boneyard, and it definitely looks like a place we could all have some doggone fun at! (Sorry for the cheesy dog pun, I couldn't help myself).

In case you are confused about what is going on here, The Boneyard is basically a souped-up dog park that also happens to delight humans with cold brews and good eats. The Boneyard's website says;

The Boneyard, located in Madison, WI, offers a place of community for dog and beer lovers. We offer on-leash and off-leash areas so your pup can safely socialize and make new friends at the same time you do! Come check out your new favorite place and enjoy a cold craft brew with your best friend!

The Boneyard is located about 15 minutes from downtown Madison at 1018 Walsh Rd., and features an indoor bar with a rotating lineup of craft brews on tap. The Boneyard also usually has a food truck on-site each day they are open so you should definitely arrive hungry. (Check out The Boneyard's Facebook for info on upcoming food trucks).

Humans get into The Boneyard for free, but dogs do need to pay a daily admission fee and sign a safety waiver before entering the yard. I think we should all fill out the waiver now and then take a little road trip to Madison with our fur babies this weekend!

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