I'll openly admit that I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to motorcycle laws but this definitely looks illegal. 

The details on this video are pretty scant. You can tell by the police car that this is in St. Louis and that's about it. The Facebook page that posted this video is called Bikes Vs. Cops, so I'm not sure if someone posted this to get the officer in trouble. To further complicate things they tagged the video with the message, "Who Says We can’t get Along. Well in Saint Louis We Can. Mutual Respect." Again, not sure if that's sincere or not.

Here's what I do know. That looks roughly a billion times more dangerous than not wearing a seatbelt, and I've gotten a ticket for the latter. I think it's great to see different factions of the community getting along but maybe we pull the guy over and at least issue him a warning.

Am I just being a wet blanket here? I'm no motorcycle guy but that looks a bit extreme. Whatever the case, I hope that cyclist is still alive and I hope the officer doesn't get in trouble for all this. Now can we talk about getting that seatbelt ticket off my record?

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