Netflix is awesome but there's one thing they could do to make it even better and it would be pretty easy to implement. 

I would estimate that I log onto Netflix at least once a day. Sometimes I have a specific show or special to watch but more often than not I turn it on because there's nothing else to really watch on TV. When I do that I usually turn on one of my staples, either The Office, Parks and Rec, Archer, and Cheers. I've seen every episode of all these shows and really enjoy rewatching.

The problem I have now is deciding on what episode to watch. I have a couple of favorite episodes that I go back to time and time again but sometimes I'm looking to shake up the routine. This is where my new feature for Netflix comes in.

They need to put in a "Random Episode" choice in the episode selection screen. I would use that ALL the time.

It would let me go back and watch some episodes that I've forgotten about and haven't seen in awhile. I'm no programmer but I don't think it would take all that much to add.

So there's my plea to Netflix. Hopefully, they listen because I'm getting tired of watching the episode of the office where Stanley has a heart attack and they have a CPR class, which is one of the funniest scenes in TV history.

It's a great episode but I need to broaden my horizon. Help me Netflix, you're my only hope.

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