For some people, getting into a shark cage in a sea full of great white sharks is bucket list material. It has to be, because I've watched "Shark Week," and I've seen dozens of clips of giddy people excitedly facing one of the ocean's greatest predators, all while safely behind the bars of a dangling metal cage.

For me...not so much. I've seen "Jaws" a few too many times. "You're gonna need a bigger boat," "This was no boating accident," and of course, "...Shark's in the goes in the water..." are lines from the movie that would be playing on a loop in my head the whole time I was waiting to jump in the cage.

Add this video to things that might also run through my mind, assuming I was willing to ignore the "Jaws" references. Shot in the waters near Mexico's Guadalupe Island, we meet a great white shark, nicknamed "Deep Blue."

At over 20 feet in length, and estimated to be over 50 years old, Deep Blue is believed to be one of the largest, if not the largest great white shark ever seen.

Pay particular attention to a diver, we'll call him "Johnny Danger," as he climbs out of the cage for an up close and personal "touching" experience.

Speaking of the those "Jaws" references, this is still one of my favorite scenes:

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