Yep, I Googled this, you probably did, too.

Think about what you Googled the most this year? I probably Googled cookie recipes, Taylor Swift and how to get free stuff.

But you know what else I Googled? The super blood moon. And so did the rest of you living in Illinois, according to Estately.

I will never forget watching the super blood moon from the balcony of my apartment that Sunday night in September. I sat there for three hours just thinking about life. It was weird and prompted me to research and write this article about how the blood moon messes with your emotions.

Reading the list of all the states' top searches is pretty entertaining. Wisconsinites, is defining "bae" really that important? If so, be sure to read what Sweet Lenny had to say about "bae" in July of 2014.

What do you think you Googled most in 2015?



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