What would you consider a life career goal? If you're this Illinois woman, you've dreamed of rehabbing raccoons as a new video shows she is covered in tiny raccoon babies.

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This sweet animal moment was shared out of Oswego, Illinois near Chicago a few days ago with this backstory:

Rehabber being chased by 6-7 week old raccoons Rocky (found alone and dehydrated) and the siblings, Calypso and Kyo aka the Dumpster Twins found on a job site in Chicago.

You think these tiny raccoons don't know she is their friend? Just watch.

In case you're thinking of trying this, don't without training. The Humane Wildlife Removal website mentions that you can accidentally kill a raccoon by feeding it. They say if a raccoon is dehydrated like these babies were, you have to wait until they are warm to feed them. The more you know...

They share a detailed 8-week schedule if a trained rehabber isn't available and you find animals that need attention. Bottom line is to contact authorities to help you if that is a situation you find yourself in.

This Illinois woman who's name was not shared obviously has a gift with wildlife. Oh, if only we could all be raccoon whisperers.

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