I used to tell myself that there was pretty much nothing I wouldn't try. Not after seeing this deserted cemetery hike. Just getting to this place is terrifying.


The first burial in Bachelor's Grove Cemetery happened in 1844. Just a small cemetery in the Rubio Woods Forest Preserve near Midlothian, IL. but its haunts are huge. One of the most haunted spots in all the Midwest in less than two hours from Rockford and if this is the kind of hike and scare you live for, you couldn't find a better place.

The issues (haunts) didn't begin until 1960 after a nearby road closed which pretty much isolated the cemetery. After the isolation set in so did the vandals. People were pushing over and stealing gravestones and even bodies were unearthed and bones were left scattered about.

While the vandalism is partly to blame, black magic and animal sacrifices have also been attributed to why so many ghost sightings have been reported.

You will have to take about a half-mile hike to get to the cemetery. Once you leave the road, you'll follow a gravel path marked with a 'no trespassing' sign. See right there is all the hint I need to get back in the car. Nobody wants you to be there. But if you go through the holes in the chainlink fence, you will have arrived, you may not every sleep peacefully again but at this point that night night be your biggest concern.

Take a look at photos of what awaits you at Bachelor's Grove Cemetery 5900 W Midlothian Turnpike, Midlothian, IL. If you see a woman they call the 'Madonna of Bachelor's Grove', don't tell her I sent you.

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