The weather will eventually stay nice for more than two days in a row...That mean you will take your furry friend out for a walk on a regular basis, right. Right.

english bulldog wearing black tuxedo and tails on white background

Getting your pup some exercise is a good thing, but when it comes to being active you dog can build up a little doggy b.o.. Do you give Fido a bath on a normal basis? My pup has learned to "deal" with a bath, doesn't love it doesn't hate it...But really is relaxed after AND wouldn't get me arrested in Galesburg, Illinois.

A sad little black and white dog on the carpet looking up.

Here's the deal for those that live in Galesburg, make sure you don't have a stinky dog or you will be in a lot of trouble. I love this line:

Smelly is a relative term, and also objective, right?

Dogs and cats snuggle together

Well we are talking big trouble down in Galesburg, if your dog is stinky...Trouble for you not the dog. ONLY

Dog travel by car. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever enjoying road trip.

If your dog smell, that is reason enough to throw you behind bars in Galesburg, Illinois. The dog will be fine, it's you...the stink allower. 

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Astrid Stawiarz

What about humans? I mean, this law is silly and we know it...But what about jailing stinky humans. Luckily there is little to no "stinky factor" walking the halls here at 96.7 The Eagle and the other radio stations. But man I've worked with some people in the past that hit 10 on the Stink-o-Meter.

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Say cheese, Illinois!




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