If you live in Illinois, you already know how to pronounce this city's name.

Regardless of your feelings about the city, you know it, and you've probably been there countless times.

You've been, whether it be for a sporting event, a quick weekend getaway, a night out, or to fly out of town.


Apparently, people have walked the streets of this place and have no idea how to pronounce it correctly.

Words Tips shared The Most Mispronounced Words - From World Cities to Celeb's Names and it was quite the eye-opener.

Not because Ed Sheeran has the most mispronounced Musician Name, or Google was named the most misspoke Consumer Brand but because Chicago is more mispronounced than any other American city.

Michigan Avenue Magazine Celebrates Its Summer Issue with Ludacris at LondonHouse in Chicago.
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That's right, Chicago. The Windy City. The Chi. The Second City. Chicago is one of the most difficult cities to pronounce.

According to Word Tips, Chicago is the third most checked city name on Forvo.

Word Tips:

Forvo uses sound clips in many different languages in an attempt to facilitate the learning of languages and correct pronunciation of words.

Forvo is essentially the pronunciation dictionary of the internet and they say only Tokyo, and Rio de Janeiro are the two cities in the world where people are checking the pronunciation more than Chicago.

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Offshore Chicago via Facebook

Now the poll doesn't take into account the inflection points of the people of Chicago. We tend to place the emphasis on the wrong syllable of certain words and Chicago is one of them.

As a born and raised Chicagoan, it's easy to say, obviously. Now take me to Wisconsin, and you're going to hear some real mispronunciation. Fond Du Lac anyone? How about Oconomowoc? Just spelling it out I can hear the word being said incorrectly in my head.

Oh well, at least I have Chicago.

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