Rockford isn't a perfect city but at least we don't smell like raw sewage. 

The same can't be said for the western suburb city of Glen Ellyn.

WGN - The pervasive, malodorous odor has been plaguing residents for over a month. They're worried about their health, their kids and their property values. Finally, the village issued an announcement calling the smell: "an aberration" caused by what should have been a green approach to dispose of restaurant waste, fat, oil and grease.

Sounds like another tale of "Going green gone wrong." I'm all for doing things in an environmentally friendly way.  I draw the line when it starts to make my city stink.

If you've never been in a town that has a foul odor, it can be a lot more disrupting that you might imagine. I attended the University of Illinois in Champaign and when the wind was right the scent of the South Farms was VERY prevalent on campus. You could barely step outside without gagging. So I feel for the residents of Glen Ellyn.

What can they do about it? No clue because I'm not a city engineer. Hopefully, they figure it out soon. Till then I suggest close pins for the nose and keep your air conditioning on.

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