Imagine this. You're a baby bobcat alone in the woods of Illinois. What do you do? If you're this tiny bobcat, you're thankful you were rescued by Illinois conservation workers and taken to a place that can provide care for you.

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Treehouse Wildlife Center in Dow, Illinois shared this little bobcat's story on their Facebook page today and fortunately it has a happy ending.

This tiny bobcat is fortunate. Bridging the Gap shared some details about how old bobcat kittens need to be before they can survive separate from their mother and 2 months is the number. That's the point when they're considered weaned and can eat solid food. No way this tiny girl is anywhere close to that old.

Why this young bobcat was on her own without her mother around is anyone's guess. Nature can be harsh. Just fortunate that this bobcat got the help she needed in time.

Before you start thinking "Wow, she's cute. I'd love to have her as a pet", don't do it. It's highly illegal and just an all-around bad idea to consider a wild animal like this as a pet as Big Cat Rescue mentions Wouldn't end well for you or the bobcat.

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