I never knew I needed Elote Nuggets in my life before today. Turns out I was pretty ignorant. 

I'm a big Cubs fan but will quickly admit that the food served at Guaranteed Rate Field is FAR superior to those on the north side.

It was at U.S. Cellular Field about 7 years ago that I discovered what elotes were. Corn freshly shaved (shorn?) off the cob into a cup then topped with butter, cojita cheese, lime, cayenne pepper, and if you're a heathen, mayo. I opted for no mayo because I personally find it disgusting and honestly culturally invasive.

Since then I've noticed more and more places are serving elotes. They're pretty easy to make at home. And have I mentioned that they are delicious.

Well here come the White Sox, improving on perfection. These Elote Nuggets are for people who were worried that original elotes were just too healthy for them. They've replaced the one quasi-healthy part, the corn, and replace it with fried corn fritters. Genius.

The White Sox also unveiled some other new items. Here are the highlights with a comment or two.

  • Bacon Popcorn -  Are we about done with the bacon obsession? I love bacon but it can stay away from my popcorn. Who's getting popcorn at a baseball game anyway?
  • Buffalo Chicken Fries -  Yes, please. They actually have a whole selection of fries. Buffalo Chicken, Chili Cheese, and Dessert Sweet Potato. The first two are self-explanatory. The dessert fries consist of powdered sugar, chopped pecans, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and Nutella. Sounds good but I've never been a big dessert guy at a game.
  • Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich - Willing to give this a try. Hold the pickles please.
  • Antique Taco - They are serving up both chicken al pastor and smoked brisket tacos. Will I order a dozen of these to go with my Elote Nuggets? You know it buddy.
  • Spiked Hot Apple Cider and Hot Chocolate -  Pass. It's a ballgame, I'll stick with beer please.
  • Chicago Style Fries - Want all that crazy stuff that comes on a hot dog put directly on your fries? You can have it at U.S. Cellular.
  • Super Veggie Sandwich - No.

You can find a complete list of all the items here. They probably won't make the playoffs this year but the White Sox have hit a home run (see what I did there) with these new food offerings.

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