Check out this video to see what it is like in an abandoned prison in Illinois.

See Inside An Abandoned Prison In Illinois

Hopefully, you have never had to spend any time locked up in jail. It is definitely not a life of luxury.

Maybe, since you have never been, you are a little bit curious. The closest you have ever gotten is a movie or television show.

Seeing the inside of an actual working prison would be creepy enough. Now, add the factor of it being abandoned. That would be pretty darn scary.

Well, I found a video of such a place. That way you do not have to go in yourself. You can check it out safely from your couch on the computer.

Here is a video of the inside of an abandoned Illinois prison.

Video: Exploring an Abandoned Illinois Prison

It is amazing what you can find on the internet.

People Love Videos Of Abandoned Places

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across a video of the abandoned Machesney Park Mall. I shared it on our website and people loved it.

Ever since then, I have been in a never-ending "worm-hole" of videos on YouTube of other abandoned businesses in the Rockford community and around Illinois.

I find it fascinating. Maybe, it is for nostalgia's sake or just plain curiosity. Either way, I enjoy checking out the videos.

Reason To Stay Out Of Trouble

I remember my parents telling me when they were in school, they would take a field trip to the local jail for a "Scared Straight" type of moment for the students.

They could never get away with that now. This is the closest they could get to the real thing.

It proves the point that it is not a place I want to visit or stay at any time in the future.

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