It's that time again, time to find out what study has discovered which Illinois towns suck more than others. And, where does Rockford come in on the list?

Where are the worst places to live in the state of Illinois? Every town in the state has the potential to be 'the absolute worst' place to live if you are prone to believing someone else's opinion.


The 20 Worst Places to Live in Illinois

This is the newest study from Money Inc. Some real data was used to compile this list, not opinion.

(Speaking of opinion, there are many that say Rockford is the worst)

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I know you've heard that before. Guess what? We're not the worst, but Rockford is on this list.

This is what Money Inc had to say about Rockford:

Violent crimes are one of the biggest problems in Rockford, as it has the sixth-most violent crimes in Illinois. However, property crime is also an issue. Another significant issue is the lack of diversity in the job market.

Henryk Sadura

Rockford landed at #16 on the list of 20.

This list used things like crime, school quality, job opportunities and unemployment rates (among other things) to build the list.

Of the list of 20 'bad' places to live in Illinois, five are just a short drive from Rockford.

Kankakee #4

Matteson #20

Hoopeston #6

Zion #9

Chicago #19

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So, what town in Illinois is on top of this list of worst places to live?

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According to Money Inc's study, the southern Illinois town is the worst place to live in Illinois, for various reasons.

Many cities on this list struggle with a pretty high crime rate, but that was not the biggest factor behind this southern Illinois town topping the 'worst places to live' list.

What makes life so difficult in Centerville is mostly economical issues.

From Money Inc:

45.6 percent of residents in Centreville are living in poverty, and it has the fourth-highest unemployment rate in the state. Those who are in work have some of the lowest salaries in Illinois.

Visit Money Inc to see the list in its entirety.

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