It was supposed to turn into the second tallest building in the world. Now it's just a huge hole. What happened?

This story has been around awhile but I've never seen it presented quite like this. The YouTuber Chicago Aussie has some great videos about Chicago, this is one of my favorite ones.

It should come as no surprise that a major financial decision in the city of Chicago ended up running into a few snags but this might be one of the biggest boondoggles the state has ever seen.

This site is in the heart of the loop, right off of Lake Shore Drive. They poured $50 million into setting up the foundation of what was to be the 2,000 foot Chicago Spire before running into financial trouble and abandoning the project after digging out this 110-foot deep hole.

Now the hole just sits there waiting either to be filled or built on top of. There's no plan currently in the works. Hopefully, the city will get their act together and do something with it. I myself wouldn't hold my breath.

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