Driving at night is not my favorite. Poorly lit streets and roads make it a challenge for me personally but there's one thing we can all probably agree on, we hate high beams in our eyes. Can you think of something more annoying while driving than when someone is close behind you with their brights on? Even if their high beams are in the review mirror they're probably shining into your driver-side mirror. Then you have to brace your elbow in a weird way in order to shield your eyes from the lights by blocking the brightness with the palm of your hand.

This topic comes up after Reddit user u/JeepSmash ranted about it in the Rockford subreddit.

I have noticed a large amount of people driving through the city with their high beams on. It is very distracting and dangerous to those coming the opposite direction or even to those in front of you who you’re blinding with your bright lights in the mirror. If your headlight bulb is out, just replace it! A lot of auto parts stores will even replace it for you if you buy it from there.

It made me wonder if there were any laws against driving with your high beams on in certain situations. Here's what I found. High beams must not be used within 500 feet of on-coming traffic and must not be used with 300 feet of a vehicle you are following, according to YourMechanic. So do I think a cop is going to pull me over only because of my high beams on? Probably not but you should definitely do what you can to avoid blinding other drivers.

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