About a year ago, I posted a piece in this space called "Robo-Dog Followed Me Home, Can I Keep It?" In the piece, I described the advances in robotics being made by a company called Boston Dynamics. At the time, Boston Dynamics had just released some video detailing a project called "Big Dog," a canine-like quadruped robot. Then they released video on "Spot," a smaller version of the "Big Dog." From there, we got a look at "Wildcat," then came "Cheetah Robot," another quadruped capable of less speed than a real cheetah, but more speed than Usain Bolt.

Now, Boston Dynamics has released some new video. This time around, the subject matter is "Atlas," a five-foot, nine inch, 180 pound humanoid robot with an incredible sense of balance.

As you'll see in the video below, the stuff they put Atlas through during testing pretty much ensures that robots will one day rise up and...knock stuff out of our hands and push us down a lot:

For more info on the cool things (like Atlas) that Boston Dynamics is doing, check out this piece in Forbes.


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