Oh, this is a gem. This might be the greatest representation of every neighborhood Facebook group in northern Illinois.

If you aren't a member of your neighborhood, village, or city's Facebook group you're missing out, or you're making a good move. Whether it's Rockford, Belvidere, Machesney Park, Loves Park, Byron, Rockton, Freeport, or wherever it is you live, it's likely there is endless entertainment waiting for you to scroll past at some point throughout your day.

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In Byron, there are a lot of posts about loose dogs, "who's car is that", "I saw a (insert color) car speeding, "the sign in your yard is offensive", questions about some sort of repair need, rants about masks, and so much more. Occasionally, I will add a dumb gif or ridiculous statement just to stir the pot. (My apologies to the admins of that group.)

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A Tiktok'r (is that what they're called) created a short video that accurately describes just about every neighborhood Facebook group. If you watch this and think, "No way! Nope, that doesn't happen in our group!", you're either not paying attention or you have the world's most unexciting neighborhood social media group.


  • Suspicious vehicles
  • Dogs loose/Pooping in the wrong yard
  • Speeding vehicles
  • Friendly invites
  • Quickly deleting posts because someone was wrong

The TikTok was shared by @officer_kingery.

@officer_kingeryY’all make me wanna sell my house #facebookneighbors #postit #drama #fy

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Someone send this man a bouquet from Edible Arrangements for knocking this subject out of the park. Job well done, sir.

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