Netflix has a new romcom coming out next week and the Rockford Peaches are all over the trailer. 

First things first. I'm a huge romcom guy. Notting Hill, Love Actually, anything with Kate Hudson I'll watch it. I'm also a big fan of Adam Devine. He came on the scene in the Comedy Central show Workaholics and you've seen him since in movies like Pitch Perfect and Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates. A really funny guy. So the fact that the Rockford Peaches have a supporting role is just the cherry on top of this sundae.

You'll have to look past the fact that this movie is basically a rip off of Ground Hog Day, but that movie was so good it deserves to be ripped off. From what I gathered from the trailer Devine's character falls in love with a woman played by Alexandra Daddario (I've only seen her in HBO's True Detective, which she was great in) during a Halloween party. Daddario is dressed up as a Peach from A League Of Their Own. He ends up getting friend-zoned and gets to try again and again to woo her through the help of a time-traveling photo booth.

The fact that he gets to revisit that Halloween night numerous times means that the Rockford Peaches uniform gets A LOT of screen time.

It's always nice to know that something that came from the Rockford area that we appreciate so much is also valued on the national level.

The movie comes out February 9th. If you need me that night I'll be in front of my tv watching what I hope is another great romantic comedy.

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