After 87 years Blume's Garage is shutting down in Loves Park. 

According to Rock Valley Publishing, the family run garage opened in 1930 and has been a Loves Park staple ever since.

The iconic sign which was hanging there since its instillation in 1940 was taken down at the beginning of this year.

There still is a "Model A Gaming Parlor" in what was the garage's front office but you shouldn't try to bring any vehicles there anymore.

I grew up going up and down that stretch of N. 2nd nearly everyday. Blume's garage always stood out with their bright blue sign. Now that Blume's is gone it joins Rax, Wendy's, Cork and Bottle, Ponderosa, Osco Drug, and that McDonald's that had a weird tropical bird theme as former N. 2nd institutions.

The only original building left is Beef-A-Roo. If they go I might kill myself.

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