So let's say that the current economic climate has no hold over you, and you're looking to spend some serious money rather than doing everything you can to stretch what you have (like so many of us are doing). You've decided to drop big-time cash on a house.

You're not just looking for any house, you want one of the most expensive homes that anyone could find in the state of Illinois. So, where do you look?

Head for the burbs.

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There Are 30 Cities On The List Of Most Expensive Homes In Illinois, And All Of Them Are Chicago Suburbs

We have to thank for this ranking of Illinois cities with the most expensive homes, which was put together using data from Zillow. To put things into perspective, the most expensive Illinois city on the list has a typical home value of $1,604,443 which is 501% higher than the state average of $267,079.

I'm going to go ahead and tell you that the most expensive homes in the state can be found in the suburb of Kenilworth, where homes are worth 10.3% more today than last year, and where home values have increased 20% in 5 years.

Let's see where some other Illinois communities show up on the list.

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Kenilworth Is Home To Illinois' Most Expensive Homes, And These Are The Suburbs That Are Following Closely Behind In Price-Point

Here are cities 2-10, along with the typical home value in that city:

#2. Winnetka

– Typical home value: $1,473,057

#3. Glencoe

– Typical home value: $1,378,844

#4. Hinsdale

– Typical home value: $1,040,959

#5. Bannockburn

– Typical home value: $1,008,626


– Typical home value: $1,002,601

#7. Lake Forest

– Typical home value: $991,061

#8. South Barrington

– Typical home value: $975,137

#9. Barrington Hills

– Typical home value: $890,226

#10. Wilmette

– Typical home value: $868,302

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