Some of us want a pumpkin patch with all the bells and whistles, some just want a few pumpkins at a decent price.

Enter Blackmer's pumpkin patch in Cherry Valley.

Blackmer's is doing pumpkins the easy breezy way, with the honor system.

Yep, you choose your pumpkins, you put your cash in the lockbox and you go home with some perfect pumpkins.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

The pumpkins are super affordable, ranging from $4-10 and they also have gourds.

The patch is at the intersection of State and Cherry St. and is literally the perfect place to take your little ones who don't need all the craziness of big farm.

However, if you do want all the pumpkin farm glitz and glamor, you can try this insane fall light show at Goebbert's.

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