Thanksgiving is less than a week away and the day after that a shopping extravaganza is going to kick off.

Yes, Black Friday is nearly here, but if you go in without a plan you might end up buying things that you don't need to purchase.

Thankfully, Wallet Hub is there to help out.

Here are the top 5:

  1. Video Games (software only) (31%)
  2. Appliances (18%)
  3. Furniture (15%)
  4. Computers and Phones (14%)
  5. Toys (13%)

There's a reason why this day is huge, and it's not only due to gift giving. Seriously, who buys furniture and appliances for other people for Christmas?

Steve Frost, ThinkStock

That's why Black Friday is so huge. It's a monster deep discount day masked as the day you can do all of your Christmas shopping. In all actuality, it's the day you pick up a new Blu-Ray player and couch.

Most of us would be outraged at what Black Friday is really all about but we really want to get that new 4K TV.


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