It's probably time for the whole city of Chicago to take a lap. 

I am very fond of Chicago and it's people. I know that's not always a popular opinion out here but I've spent a good amount of time there and absolutely love it. This all comes from a place of love.

Chicago has basically shut down the past week over the fear of a rogue "5-foot alligator" that was reported to be swimming around Humboldt Park.

You called in someone named "Alligator Bob" to wrangle the beast and he came up short. I don't actually believe he was ever a real animal control specialist for the record.

Then you call an ACTUAL animal control specialist and he catches this "alligator" in about 2 hours.

IF that is the actual picture of the "gator" and not some false flag to get us to forget about it, then all of Chicago should be embarrassed.

That thing couldn't even kill a Shih Tzu let alone a person. I don't think it could even take my pinky off. I can barely even see that guy's (maybe gal's) teeth.

I think the whole thing can be summed up like this.

I've heard Chicago described as the "biggest little neighborhood in the world." It doesn't get much more "small town" than committing DAYS of news coverage to a 36-inch reptile.


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