It's hard to believe that next week we'll look back at today like it was late summer. As I write this, it's 30 degrees on Thursday and we're staring down a winter storm that has the potential to drop 8 or more inches of snow (along with very high winds) across Northern Illinois--which is hardly summery weather.

However, when you consider what's coming our way starting this weekend and going through next week, I think you'll agree that our current weather isn't too bad.

When you're done reading this, you'll probably want to check through your clothes to see where you last left your long underwear. You're going to need them.

Not to alarm you, but there's every chance you'll look like this next week. (Getty Images)
Not to alarm you, but there's every chance you'll look like this next week. (Getty Images)

Again, I Realize That We Live In Northern Illinois And That It Is Winter, But That Doesn't Mean Sub-Zero Polar Air Surrounding Us For Nearly A Week Doesn't Suck

Whether or not we'll find ourselves in the midst of record-breaking temperatures remains to be seen. Rockford's coldest day of all-time happened on January 10th, 1982 when the temperature dipped to -27 degrees. The coldest wind-chill number we ever experienced here was on January 20th, 1985 when we were hit with -72 degrees.

Maybe you can mentally warm yourself with the thought of July 14th, 1936 when Rockford's highest all-time temperature of 112 degrees was recorded...assuming you're over 88 years old.

Low temperature, computer artwork.
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She wears the cold so much better than the guy above with the snotty mustache (Getty Images)
She wears the cold so much better than the guy above with the snotty mustache. (Getty Images)

Here's A Look At The Serious Cold Northern Illinois Is Facing Over The Next Week

Even if we get nailed with the predicted 5-8 inches of snowfall Friday going into Saturday, the temperatures will still be pretty tolerable with Friday's high temp hitting 33 degrees, and Saturday's topping out at 24.

  • The cold comes in Saturday night going into Sunday morning. From a high of 24 during the day, the temperatures roll all the way down to -3 for an overnight low.
  • Sunday, we're looking at a high of zero, with an overnight low of -13.
  • Monday, it's more of the same (maybe a bit worse) with a high of -1 and a low of -14.
  • Tuesday, the predicted high temperature will be -2, and the low is expected to be -8.
  • Wednesday brings a tiny bit more warmth when the high temperature is 14 and the low is 6.
  • Thursday is even warmer, with a high of 16, but the overnight low goes sub-zero at -1.
  • Friday, we're back to single digits with an expected high of 9, and a low of 1.
  • Next weekend isn't really anything to celebrate, as Saturday tops out at 12 and on Sunday it'll be 16.

Just keep in mind that the wind-chill readings are going to be a lot less than the actual temps next week. Stay warm!

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