Looking to get festive while you stay home? That's totally doable with a gnome painting kit. 

For the past few years, I've tried to make every December as festive as ever. This could be because I'm an adult with no kids so I'm not worried about making someone else have the great holiday ever, so I'm just doing it for me.

So far I've tried to do something festive each day.

On December 1, I opened my Aldi Advent calendar, which of course gives me 24 mini wine bottles full of festive fun, but I decided that would only count for one day.

On December 2, I wrapped one Christmas present... it's still the only one under my tree. It's for my nephew, Harrison.

On December 4th, I read Clifford's First Christmas with my littlest nephews, I know I skipped a day, but I'll get back to that.

On December 5th, I hung out with Santa at the Bears game.

Ok, now back to the 3rd. That's when I got festive painting gnomes with my friend, Sierra.

Sierra has been recovering from surgery so I wanted to share some festive with her, something we would usually go out and do but since she's on crutches right now I brought to her and IT WAS SO FUN.

Bristle & Timber's Gnome ToGo Collection is filled with different gnome choices for $20 including all the paint you'll need and the board to paint it on.

I chose the reindeer gnome, but changed up the hat and shoe color and Sierra stuck with Harry Potter.

I think we did pretty good!

Today my festive-ness was drinking Tenogila with my uncle on Good Day Stateline, you can catch that at 5:30pm on FOX39.

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