You can still dress your dog up as Darth Vader this Halloween, but please keep the chicken costumes in the closet. 

This is one of those stories that I didn't know needed to be written for a couple of reasons.

One. I didn't really realize that anyone out there was attached to a chicken enough to dress them up for Halloween. Once I got over that I was amazed that that would be a bad idea.

But here we are.

WEAU - A strain of salmonella that's resistant to many antibiotics is making people sick in dozens of states. This has those with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention asking pet owners not to dress chickens up for Halloween.

It sounds like they want you to pretty much not touch them at all and this is just a preventative measure.

Whatever the reason, you're now informed and can make the decision yourself whether or not to dress up your chicken. The CDC asks you to refrain but this is America and you can legally dress up your chicken in whatever you'd like. The choice is ultimately yours.


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